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Ever get frustrated searching You Tube for a good video on a topic relevant to what you are looking for? I got tired of searching for helpful and useful video clips and getting nothing that has any real content and were just promotional clips. I like to find video clips for my students on different topics to show them or send them to watch at You Tube to supplement what I was teaching them. A lot of time was spent to find the good and relevant ones. Thats where this website started from - an attempt to categorise the good ones for Podiatry students (and others!).
I always on the look out for more, so please make some and submit them to You Tube and let me know (contact).The next stage of this project is to make more of my own and work with other academics and clinicians around the world to record more clips that are actually useful and help turn You Tube into something other than a spammy collection of promotional video clips.
Even though the content of this site can be found on You Tube with a bit of seaching and a large amount of time wasting, it is hoped that this site will initiate a lot more good content on You Tube (and be added to this site)to make it an even more valuable resource for Podiatry students and other with an interest.

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