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Dermatology is the clinical discipline that deals with disorders of the skin and related structures. Podiatrists treat a lot of skin and related disorders that affect the foot. These skin conditions vary from the minor ‘corns and calluses’ and verrucae ad fungal infections to the more serious skin cancers. Podiatry is also concerned with the recognition of systemic skin problems that can manifest in the foot, especially if the first signs of this occur in the foot.


Basal Cell Carcinoma  
Squamous Cell Carcinoma  
Actinic Keratosis  

Fungal Infections

>>Laser Therapy

Bacterial Infections  

Plantar Verrucae

>>Needling for Verruca

Pitted Keratolysis  
Trench Foot  
Mycetoma (Madura Foot)  
Foot Odor  
Cracked Heels  
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